The True Life Expectancy Of A Residential Solar System

The true life expectancy of a residential solar system

The installation of solar panels is expensive, so it is natural that all homeowners who choose to go through with an installation want to ensure they are getting their money’s worth. One of the first questions that people ask when they are considering solar panels is a simple one: how long will the solar system last?

Unfortunately, although the question might be simple, answering it is more complex. Sadly, some unscrupulous solar panel “experts” will insist that their solar systems will last forever; that nothing can possibly go wrong. This leads to unrealistic expectations amongst the public.

A proper solar system company knows that there are limitation on the products they install. If a company tells you differently, then avoid them at all costs— they either don’t know the truth, or they’re deliberately holding it back from you. As a genuine, dedicated solar system company, we at P.E.S are more than happy to admit that there is a lifespan to the products we install, just like there’s a lifespan to everything.

So, how long is that lifespan? If a system is properly installed, then you should be able to enjoy 25 years with a solar system, and possibly more. However, the caveat “if it is installed properly” is particularly noteworthy. If a solar system is not installed correctly, then its life expectancy dramatically decreases.

With an inferior installation, you can eventually expect to fall victim to one of the following issues:

  • PVC or conduit buckling, where the equipment becomes loose on the house.
  • Damage sustained during the installation, and particularly to the roof shingles, by careless workmanship will usually have lasting effects. If the ridge caps are walked on during the installation, then you will experience issues with roof shingles loosening due to this mistreatment.
  • Breakers beginning to trip due to system overload. This may result in intermittent or long-term loss of power to the panels, rendering the system useless until it can be remedied.
  • Issues with the link between the connectors and modules; for example, the connectors working loose and rendering the entire system useless.

As you can see, the reach of a poor installation goes far beyond the initial usage of the system. Over time, the problems caused due to the above will just compound, and can eventually lead to the point where the solar system fails well before its time.

The solution to this? Simple: pick the right installers to begin with. While issues with solar systems can be mended, the best job is always a job that is completed correctly on the first attempt. It is far simpler to hire a reliable, reputable company who will take care throughout the installation — and thus avoid the issues above — than it is to try and fix a bad installation after the fact.

If you already have a solar system in place, and are experiencing premature issues with it, then don’t panic— these mistakes can be rectified following the installation. The process can be complex, but it is possible, providing you use the right company to complete the remedial work.

P.E.S offer both installation and repair services, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss your needs further.

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