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Troubleshoot and Repair Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience in PV solar energy systems, we specialize in finding issues and applying the most cost-effective solution.

We troubleshoot and diagnose existing PV systems (string inverters and micro inverters) oldest to the newest technology.

Maximize Efficiency

Maximize Efficiency

We diagnose and ensure that systems are connected and operating to satisfy maximum energy production and promised offset.

Shade Analysis

We use advanced tools to analyze shade, then apply practical tactics to realign the system. Our goal is to maximize energy production.
Upgrade Systems

Upgrade Systems

We audit your existing system and make recommendations for improvement. Our goal is to help you make the best decisions while providing you savings.


We can replace and upgrade your current system with the latest, most efficient and reliable products in the industry. Warranteed and Guaranteed service.


We can integrate monitoring tools on older existing systems and make minor cost-effective updates to maximize savings and production.

Equipment Protection

Keep squirrels, rodents, and other annoying critters out of your solar panel system. Our guards simply keep them out. Critter guards are part of preventative system maintenance.
A sudden release of built-up snow and ice can cause damage to your gutters and raise safety concerns.


No one knows when they are going to encounter an emergency. Having no one to help you when you have an urgent issue is not acceptable to you or your customer.   Even worse, when you have an urgent issue and your vendor takes advantage of you.

Trouble Shoot & Repair – Repair and problem resolution is a specialized trade different than installation.

Roof Leaks

Diagnose the problematic areas, apply appropriate repair and test.
Identify damage and necessary solution. (Removal and relocation of critters and nests).

Rodent and Critter Damage

Identify damage and necessary solution. (Removal and relocation of critters and nests).
Remove and replace panels, test and optimize system performance.

Broken panel Replacement

Remove and replace panels, test and optimize system performance.
Trouble Shoot & Repair – Repair and maintenance is a skill set and process.

System OUtage

Troubleshoot, test and restore. Ensure safety standards are in place.

Preventative Maintenance

The goal of a solar maintenance plan is to: maximize production performance (generation of kilowatts per hour – kWh), ensure safety, save you time and money, and avoid future expenses by catching issues while they are manageable and easy to address.

Annual Maintenance Plans Are Available. We Warranty & Guarantee Our Work 100%.

Keeping panels clean helps with production and the cosmetic appearance of your system.


Keeping panels clean helps with production and the cosmetic appearance of your system.
roof leaks-system outage

Equipment Updating

Updating equipment and system components can save you down the road.
roof leaks-system outage

Ensuring System Stability

Testing and perfecting systems with the latest technology mean greater stability
Bird & Rodent Nest Removal

Bird & Rodent Nest Removal

Tired of animal service calls? We make sure we relocate them in a safe way.


Roofing solutions for ANY situation. We have managed over 1,000 successful roof projects.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Traditional shingle systems
  • Low slope Mod Bit systems
  • Torch down
  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • Silicone applications

*We are EXPERTS in integrating solar racking systems into any type of roof application.


Solar inspections are procedures that are followed to ensure the quality of an installation. We understand the entire inspection process and cover all the details the first time.


State and City inspections

Inspections can occur at any time during the system’s 25-year life span. We are very prepared and know how to deal with state and city officials in all inspection capacities. Our quality workmanship and municipality relationships go a long way during this process.


Many installation contractors focus on the solar energy system at hand but miss important factors that affect the building, electrical, roofing and plumbing issues. Our team reviews not only the PV solar system itself but also the infrastructure and other dependencies.
Quality Control Inspections

Quality Control Inspections

The solar commissioning process occurs at the end of a construction project. Positive Energy will confirm that your system is designed, installed, tested, and operating according to specifications. We can also perform checks and tests on projects to enhance your EPC quality of work.


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